Workin' for ya.

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I have a friend who is a heavy-weight lifter. She benches hundreds and HUNDREDS of lbs. She is just a little thing. But she throws it back. Or rather up. Okay she probably doesn't throw it. But she wins competitions. She loves it. Now, I would no more want to be stranded on a boat while sea-sick than lifting heavy weights for a hobby.

But you can find me on the dance floor. Or the soccer field. Or the yoga mat. Or running through the woods listening to Florence and the Machine . Or silent. When I went to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, I had exactly 17 minutes between the time my kids caught the bus and the time I needed to start getting ready for the day. I allotted myself 22 minutes to shower, dress, eat, brush my teeth, pour the coffee, pack my bag... etc. I pulled into school on two wheels. But for those 17 minutes... I ran/walked up the sidewalk by my house... and I ran back. Sometimes I listened to the birds, spotted deer, passed kindergartners hopping on the bus while their parents' coffee steamed in mugs in their hands... I had beautiful peace-filled moments of clarity and revelation. And sometimes I had shit. Quite literally stepping in dog poop, or slipping on ice... or just so frustrated that my children weren't listening to me... that I would be making holes in the side walk with my stomps.

But gosh, After a few weeks of setting those 17 minutes aside for my run-huff-huff-puff- walk-run-huff. I craved it. The cool air filled my lungs, energized my day, and did a whole bunch of real good stuff for my anatomical and emotional state... But bottom line is: it felt darn good. It was a recognition of goodness. This works. They say all good teachers lead you back to yourself. Intuitively we know... if we are listening to the still small voice, what we should do. We could go for the run. We could eat the left over cookies from the night before.

Sometimes though... the voice says to actually eat that cookie. Maybe just made with coconut oil and flax (kidding). Sometimes that is truly the thing to do (peanut butter chocolate chip). It's the next best move for you. Watch the movie. Treat yourself. Skip the laundry. Sometimes we listen to voices that aren't the right voice. "If we don't go for the run and don't do the laundry and take the night off to relax, we are a lazy failure." That's the kind of voice that makes you want to eat 26 cookies after you've believed you are indeed the lazy failure and want to taste something that takes the sting out of that feeling. That's not the right voice. Sometimes the voice, the right one, actually tells us, "hey now... go for the dang run would ya? It's the kick in the pants you need right now."

Getting good at hearing the voice of truth takes time... but it starts with just wanting to hear it better. I want to hear it better. Our bodies and our hearts and our minds are constantly showing us the way. It's how, as some would say, "God made us". That still small voice is ... there.

One day I bought new makeup. I went all out. I got eye-liner, mascara and blush. I had to you tube how to apply these things. I went to Whole Foods and got the natural kind. Tried some colors out. The "just enough" color-kind, the enhancing, "but not crazy"-kind. The... "hey it's me naturally but ooh la la!" I Felt like a stud muffin. Stud Muffett?

That was my intention... naturally me but a little bit spiffed up.

My friend's parents were visitng her from Jersey and they came into my workplace to visit me too! I was wearing my brand-new makeup that day. As they left... my friend's dad said, "So good to see Jenny! And gosh... her makeup looks so natural and pretty!" My friend laughed and said, " Dad, I don't even think Jenny wears makeup!"

He said... " Well, tell her, whatever it is... 'it's workin' for ya!' "

Some days, hot yoga... the bendy-sweating-shake while cussing under your breath- then feeling completely peaceful and still-kind is the thing that "works!" Some days it's laying on the beach in the shade with red wine and ice cubes in a coffee mug. Sometimes it's giving up all your well meaning plans to exercise and, instead... bringing your kids fishing. I really really like getting to know the voice. Sometimes it comes speaking to me with such clarity as "it's workin' for ya!"


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