Health Hacks (Volume 2)

This post involves red wine and coffee ( next one might involve chocolate)! Oh! It also involves succulents. All pictures included here involve my succulent creation (that I made at my friend's birthday party the other night!) You're welcome! :)

1: COFFEE IN THE MORNING. Let's be honest. The Force is with us after the first sip. But now... add in a scoop or two of Collagen! AND YOU CAN'T EVEN TASTE IT!!! Better yet... I think it even tastes BETTER ( probably because my brain knows I am drinking lots of good stuff). One of our bodies' most prominent proteins is Collagen... but we stop producing it at about age 30. Collagen is key to healthy function of our eyes, skin, joints, tendons, bones, gut ... the list goes on . (On sale at Whole Foods... much cheaper than online). I really think my hair is growing faster.

2. RED WINE IN THE EVENING. Gotta admit, I loveeee a glass of red wine in the evening while making dinner. It's the perfect unwind and "settle in" thing to do. You will find me with a glass about 4 days out of 7. I used to cut my red wine with Seltzer. And I thought, geesh... why don't I try to cut it with Kombucha! It would aid healthy gut function WHILE I'm making my liver work ;). It's GOOD. Add an ice cube (Heck! Drop a sprig of basil in there! (I never tried this but it sounded good as I typed so I went with it!) You've got yourself a hippy dippy healthy Whole Foods approved cocktail! Red wine may reduce risk of heart disease, it contains antioxidants, and drinking a single glass has been known to improve cognitive function! This is what I keep telling myself.

3. RXBars are so darn good!!! My poor fellow classmates heard me raving about these bars for weeks last year! Every day I would come in with a new flavor, "Guys! These bars are blowing my mind!" Find them at Target for the best price (I've found, anyways). Fills you up... simple, whole-food ingredients! Gluten free! Packed with protein! And may just put a damper on your afternoon donut craving.

4. NUUN vitamins/electrolytes supplement: I add a half tablet to a large water bottle (plus I sprinkle in a bit of a Magnesium supplement! Magnesium helps regulate biochemical reactions within our bodies. It is a powerhouse of a mineral that has numerous benefits including aiding us with healthy stress responses. Back to NUUN... these little guys include vitamins, electrolytes (and some contain a green tea extract if you want a bit of a boost). They TASTE GOOD and have MINIMAL sugar ... I think for 1 tablet the calorie count is 10. I use a half tablet and it helps me drink lots of water! LOTS. I found them at Whole Foods, your local Natural Grocer, or even Dick's Sporting Goods.

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