Easy Health Hacks (that cost nothin', take minimal time and are hugely beneficial!)

1: Gentle movin' : I'm not going to explain why movement is key... google it, ask Alexa, or your Mother... ask your favorite biology teacher or yoga instructor. Bottom line: just MOVE. It doesn't have to be running a marathon or joining Crossfit. Think: "Strengthen and Lengthen" those fabulous muscles of yours! Move Oxygen!

Dance while making dinner ( I'm talking easy swaying, light heart-ed stuff! Might just get you in the romance mood too!) Wink.

Park in the back of the parking lot and walk into the store!

Stretch when your first get out of bed!

2. Be Aware of your tension and your posture. If you have a run-in with your boss, and notice your shoulders are now up at your ears, breath and LOWER them. Roll them back. Take a walk. If you notice you are slumping over in your chair, fix it! This will add health to your years and years to your life! Our bodies give us keys to our emotional health. Listen to these! (here is a helpful and quick little posture video):

3. Water: drink it! : If you have a favorite water bottle, or large glass, set a goal to fill it up at least twice a day (3 times and you are a Rockstar)! My friend uses one of those large mason jars ( these cost about 2 bucks). Water is vital to EVERY system in our body... including our skin's glow! Put that glass or water bottle on the Counter and LOOK at it! Every day!

4. Be Still for a few moments each day. This could be 10 minutes. This could be an hour. This could be a weekend getaway in solitude. When we are still within and without, the chaos and clutter fades, and clarity comes. Listen to your heart. Listen to the birds. Listen to the ease of your breath. And you may just hear the Still Small Voice.

5. Laugh. At yourself. With your self. 'nough said.


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