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Massage is an age old practice that is continually being shaped by the growing research in the field.  And yet it remains an art, whereby the practitioner tunes in to the unique needs of each client. Here, in a compassionate and peace-filled space, each session is tailored to you. From alleviating particular aches and pains to reducing stress and feeling rejuvenated, I'm happy to be a part of your journey of health.


Therapeutic Massage includes many different techniques and modalities. Addressing your individual needs is the key to a successful session.  I will use my training, knowledge base and skills to address contracted and tight areas of the body... while eliciting a relaxing, fulfilling session. Each client brings their own expectations and hopes. Do you sit at a desk and carry tension in your shoulders and back? Are you in the midst of training for a marathon? Does your work or hobby involve strain on your muscles? Are you trying to relieve a particular area of tension, pain or stress? Do you desire a time of relaxation and stillness? 


 I have been trained in:

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Range of Motion techniques, Neuromuscular techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release, Positional release, Hot Stone massage, Prenatal massage, Oncology massage, stretching techniques, and postural analysis... and constantly acquiring knowledge and practical skills to best meet your needs.    


"Touch comes before sight, before speech. 

It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth." 

-Margaret Atwood

"Like many professionals who spend way too many hours hunched over a computer, I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders and upper back. A combination of deep tissue and swedish massage from Jenny has been exactly what I needed to relax and refresh!" -Ryan, Beverly, MA
I have received many massages from Jenny. She is friendly and personable as well as professional. She is an intuitive healer. Jenny asks questions about your overall needs and then, as she works, she discovers areas of your body that require focus. Her routines and practices help you to feel healthier, happier and moving towards the goal of overall betterment in mind, body, soul and spirit. It is a relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience to be treated by Jenny! " -Sara, Beverly, MA
"Jenny is a very talented Massage Therapist and it has been a privilege to be her client. Her pressure and pace are always spot-on and she has a gift for finding and working out the most tenacious knots and deep aches, Her presence is soothing and kind and she is always professional. Getting a massage from Jenny is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself." -Amy, Wakefield, MA
"Jenny is a natural. I was so relaxed after the deep tissue massage she gave me. Add to that- my sore muscles were definitely improved! Will definitely be booking with her again! " -Steve, Newburyport, MA
"Jenny is an amazing Massage Therapist! She is very professional and has a keen intuition to what her clients need. Can't wait for my next session!"
-Alisa, Strattham, NH